Moccasin Creek State Park

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We actually DID it!  We took the plunge into the wide world of RV travel by taking our maiden voyage to Moccasin Creek State Park in Clarkesville, GA.  The drive to the mountains was awe-inspiring.  The lake was tranquil. The people were really, really nice.

We were fortunate enough to get Site #18 which was pretty close to Lake Burton.  Wow.  All this for less than $35 a night?  You’ve got to be kidding. Check in was interesting as I was next in line behind a camper who knew his fishing questions.  He asked about things I never heard of and the park attendant answered every one of his questions courteously and fully, like she was talking to a friend. I learned a little about the dining preferences of several species of fish in the area and about fishing licenses while waiting.  I learned most of all from the very beginning that this lifestyle is more chill than I’m used to and there will be a learning curve.  [Slow down, breathe in, breathe out, repeat, and relax…]

After getting all the check in duties done we had a bit of rain from the outermost tip of Hurricane Matthew. It was still marvelous.  Something like that would keep me inside all day at home, but for some reason while camping it’s what spurred me on to take a walk with an umbrella.

We packed a lot of food for the trip.  I don’t know why.  The weight of it actually made me concerned about hauling the camper, but we were fine. I guess I never really had to tote seven meals with cooking supplies in my arms to the camper before so I didn’t have an idea of the poundage involved.  All I can say is that I’m thankful for the camper, the strong enough truck, and that I’m not packing for feeding all of us from backpacks. (Click on the highlighted word above for our menu plans.)

Directly next to the park is the Lake Burton Fish Hatchery.  That was surprisingly interesting.  Dogs are not allowed so don’t bring Fido.  Across the street from the park’s entrance is a trail up to Hemlock Falls.  It was worth the time and effort, although we did wind up walking farther than we expected.  User error.  You can drive to the trailhead instead, which we did not do.  I think it was more of a 4 mile hike the way we did it.  No worries.  I told you I brought plenty of food.

For an excursion we drove about 30 minutes away to Helen, a town known for it’s German village appearance.  That was particularly fun since it was Oktoberfest.  We ate brats in the Biergarten. Our dog was able to eat under the fest tent with us, receiving a bowl of water and a doggie biscuit from the waiter.  It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day.

Moccasin Creek State Park
3655 Georgia Hwy197
Clarkesville, Georgia 30523
Phone: (706) 947-3194
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Sites: 54
Recent Rate: $34 4/2017
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