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Ever need a change of scenery or a hobby, and fast? RVing changed our crossroads into a gently rolling and meandering new road off to adventure, new faces, and closeness.

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truckcamperIf you asked me a year ago I would have said, “No way!”  I really couldn’t have fathomed that my husband and I would be the owners of a 2010 Aerolite Travel Trailer in this decade. Yeah, we’d toyed with the idea, but it never seemed to make enough actual sense (or cents) so we promptly shoved the notion away like some incriminating receipt from McDonalds. Yet, here we are! Funny how life doesn’t work out the way we imagine, and pleasantly so in this case.

How did this all come about? Well, I’d come to a crossroads in my life. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. I’d mothered for over a couple of decades. That was some serious time and it helped me to become comfortable and cozy with the habits and regimes of kid raising. Then poof! Those kids who once needed me for every care were somehow off to college and on to careers. The joy I felt for them becoming independent and spreading their wings was incredible. Yet, the vacuum created by the reality that nothing would ever be the same was palpable.

All that to say, I needed a change of scenery, or a hobby, and fast. After researching the many costs physically, monetarily, and relationally of just becoming a gypsy and backpacking the Appalachian Trail for a year, I decided it wasn’t for me so I looked next into purchasing a vacation home for a new view of the world instead. When I ran the numbers, that was, of course, way too expensive. So, long story short, Dad was looking for a buyer for his immaculate and sweetly maintained travel trailer and I was that buyer. The timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks, God. No, seriously, thanks!

That was in August. Our 6-cylinder Toyota truck got a few upgrades and then we finally were able to haul that beautiful 19-foot camper to our non-HOA home and park it in September on relatively freshly poured concrete. For several weeks the camper got spruced up and personalized. Then, we took our first trip in October to Moccasin Creek State Park, GA. A week later we went to Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA. We really LOVE camping in our travel trailer!

I feel so excited about this new hobby and adventurous lifestyle. I love how some of my busy kids have been able to come on out and enjoy tent camping alongside us. It’s a sweet time. The freedom that comes with being able to take off at a moment’s notice in an approximately 150 square foot tiny home is priceless. I know I’m living the dream and I am so very thankful.

I can’t wait to dive into more details regarding the actual trips. Also, I’m looking forward to blogging about trailer upkeep, things that worked or didn’t, advice and tips I’m reading or hearing from other campers, and even adding some how-to tips of our own. If you have any questions or would like me to post about something in this general genre, send a message.

Happy trails my friends.

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Author: Manatina

Mark and Tina are both US Army veterans who feel blessed to have served and to have seen so much of the world. Mark works as the Director of Military Outreach at a university. He also drives and maintains the camper. Tina is a retired homeschool teacher, does leatherworking, and writes/maintains the website. They unwind and live in the 150 square feet of their travel trailer as often as possible with side kick Hero (Lhasa Apso mix rescue). Their grown kids tent camp nearby when college and career schedules permit. Being close to nature rejuvenates the family and lends time to focus on what matters most. They're thankful to God for all of the blessings and opportunities.

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