Why is there a Leathercraft page on this RV site?  It is because I wanted to make a point.  There are many hobbies a person can have while experiencing travel via RV. I sometimes take my leather and tools with me in order to work on a project while relaxing under the pines.  Sometimes I just bring reading material that will help me research future project ideas until I get back home to create some more.  Choose what YOU love and enjoy your hobbies at home AND on the road.

To me, leather is amazing. Each piece has its own feel before it is cut, molded, carved, and tooled. The smells, textures, and weights are completely unique.

It is a special privilege for me to create gifts that will hopefully convey to the recipients that they are similarly unique, distinct, and valuable. I pray the pieces I create bring a sense of community and connection to people and help them feel blessed so they in turn can be a blessing to someone else.

“Made in USA”

Here are some examples of my hobby of choice:


I strive to make unique bookmarks so anyone receiving one can have a one-of-a-kind gift that reflects how unique they are, too.  I make sure to pray for each person as they are made.

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Coaster Sets

Coasters are my favorite project because there are so many pieces to personalize. I hope that the sets are useful, and that maybe someday, a few of them will become heirlooms.

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Misc. Projects

I enjoy when a need arises and I can make a piece that is helpful, or when I have an extra piece of leather and all of a sudden I just know what it should become. I learn more than ever in these situations. Many, many trials and errors do somehow finally result in something that can be used if I don’t give up.

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