Indian Springs State Park

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Indian Springs State Park is in Flovilla, Georgia. It is thought to be the oldest state park in the nation. There are some areas that they are upgrading right now  but it doesn’t affect your RV stay.  They have a lovely lending library that was centrally located by the bathhouse in campground #2.

People flocked to this area to enjoy the healing properties of the springs.  If you read the paperwork on what is actually in the water here you’d be surprised. Arsenic is even listed as something that has curative powers! Nearly everything in the water has something lauded for helping the bowels.

Centuries ago the Creek Indians lived here and then in the 1800s the area became a resort town. The state park was built during the Great Depression when the Civil Conservation Corps was in full swing.

Our visit was amazing. We had beautiful spring weather, good neighbors, and a site that was private. The camp host, Kelly, was amazing.  We stayed at campground #2 on site #77. It overlooked placid McIntosh Lake.

You never know what you’re going to see when camping. One lady we met had a really interesting  motorized/electric scooter on three wheels that she could either ride standing up like she was driving a Segway or sitting down like she was riding

a bike. She said it helped her if they parked too far from the bathhouse. Ingenious for anyone with trouble getting around.  It folds up small so it’s easy to pack in the back of a truck. Apparently Camping World has it for approximately $900 but she got it online for around $700 from the manufacturer. Cool!

There were several places to go hiking here but you have to drive to them if you don’t just want to hike around the campground. Back where you sign in at the  historic Idlewilde Park office, you can sample some of the spring water before getting started on your nature hike. We used the app MapMyWalk so we could see to turn around at 2 miles.  The hike was strenuous at times, meandering at other times, and beautiful the entire time. Many mountain bikers came by on the path so we had to be extra aware of our surroundings. There were beautiful bridges, swamp areas teeming with life, and of course beautiful lake views. Turtles balanced precariously on the edges logs as we walked by.

We definitely want to come back here again in the future!

Indian Springs State Park
678 Lake Clark Rd
Flovilla, Georgia 30216
Phone: (770) 504-2277
Visit Campground Website
Sites: 70
Recent Rate: $26 10/2016

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