High Falls State Park

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High Falls State Park is the perfect place if you have a desire to dabble in many types of outdoor recreation.   The lake is gorgeous and a little frightening considering that from it flows a large waterfall.  Don’t worry, it’s corded off, but still…that drop-off! We rented a kayak and had a wonderful time. I’m even more thankful that my hubby is a strong paddler and got us away from the edge really fast. We saw many people fishing from boats and along the river’s shore. Pictures were posted at the restroom entrances of large fish caught in the park by visitors. For the person who likes to see the bottom of a body of water, there’s the park’s pool which just opened for the season on May 20th.

The hiking was fantastic. We accidentally got lost though when we veered off of the Falls Trail because the river’s views were so captivating. Fortunately, my hubby got GPS up on his phone and guided us back to the trail in no time. The paths are so very clearly marked that we had a good laugh about it later. We are definitely no Lewis and Clark.

We found the staff helpful and kind. The only problem we had was right in the beginning when we were checking in when a very new employee sent us to the wrong camping area. Word to the wise, the Lakeside Camping Area is very nice, but the sites are tiny and steep. Those sites are marked with a red tag. If you get a yellow tag (it wouldn’t take much because we just have a 19′ travel trailer) you want to go to the River Camping Area. Those sites are long and many are quite private. We stayed at site #27. It was super sweet.

Here’s the negatives. Ticks, ticks, and more ticks. Be prepared! We also lost power several times after the park filled up so I wonder if it was due to low power. So glad my hubby installed a hard-lined surge protector! The internet connectivity was very slow and dropped off completely at times, too. But hey, it’s supposed to be a break from the rat race, right? Just don’t plan on getting computer things done so you don’t get frustrated. I actually read quite a bit of a very good book I brought, Early One Morning, by Virginia Baily  (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24396860-early-one-morning). One more thing that doesn’t really matter much to me, but some do care a lot about, was that many of the bathrooms were old and kind of gross.

The negatives are nothing in comparison to all this park has going for it. We definitely hope to come back again and enjoy its beauty.

High Falls State Park
76 High Falls Park Dr
Jackson, Georgia 30233
Phone: (478) 993-3053
Visit Campground Website
Sites: 106
Recent Rate: $32 4/2017
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Mark and Tina are both US Army veterans who feel blessed to have served and to have seen so much of the world. Mark works as the Director of Military Outreach at a university. He also drives and maintains the camper. Tina is a retired homeschool teacher, does leatherworking, and writes/maintains the website. They unwind and live in the 150 square feet of their travel trailer as often as possible with side kick Hero (Lhasa Apso mix rescue). Their grown kids tent camp nearby when college and career schedules permit. Being close to nature rejuvenates the family and lends time to focus on what matters most. They're thankful to God for all of the blessings and opportunities.

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