Hometown Hospitality of Nomads

They say that campgrounds are the last small towns in America.  I’d have to second that.  You can be outwardly friendly or to yourself, but if you wind up needing help or seeing someone who needs it themselves, help is given.  There’s not a lot of prerequisites to receiving assistance.  You won’t see people sizing you up before rendering aid wondering if you come from the right religious affiliation, have the right clothes, or vote their party in elections.  It feels refreshing.

Helpful Neighbors
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Author: Manatina

Mark and Tina are both US Army veterans who feel blessed to have served and to have seen so much of the world. Mark works as the Director of Military Outreach at a university. He also drives and maintains the camper. Tina is a retired homeschool teacher, does leatherworking, and writes/maintains the website. They unwind and live in the 150 square feet of their travel trailer as often as possible with side kick Hero (Lhasa Apso mix rescue). Their grown kids tent camp nearby when college and career schedules permit. Being close to nature rejuvenates the family and lends time to focus on what matters most. They're thankful to God for all of the blessings and opportunities.

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